MWT Solutions wishes to present, the world’s first integration, between two systems, ITSM ServiceDesk Plus and system for project management Jira Software

SDP JIRA CONNECTOR is a simple and comprehensive integration between the ServiceDesk Plus system and the JIRA Software system. Integration allows you to freely transfer real-time calls between systems, while keeping communication in this conversation, notes, attachments and E-mail notifications.

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ServiceDesk Plus or JIRA Software?

Is it possible to integrate both systems?

We have carried out hundreds of implementations and spent an infinite number of hours on conversations with clients. Our clients usually asked the same two questions:

which of the systems we should choose and can they be integrated?

We asked ourselves why it is so important, why do customers need this type of integration?

The answer turned out to be obvious. The most common need for integration of both systems is maintain communication between the first and the second support group and departments involved in the creation of new software or willingness to exchange requests between support groups and the willingness to cooperate with third companies in the field of IT services support.

To meet the expectations of our clients, we would like to propose our solution called SDP JIRA CONNECTOR, which will help dispel any doubts regarding the use of both solutions.

The SDI JIRA CONNECTOR integrator was created from scratch by MWT Solutions, the main partner of Manageengine, the manufacturer of the ServiceDesk Plus application. The integration was based on the shared ServiceDesk Plus API and the JIRA Software tool.

MWT Solutions has made huge effort to ensure that the proposed integrator is intuitive to use and fast to implement in the client’s environment.


SDP Jira Connector allows for free flow of tickets between the leading ITSM ServiceDesk Plus system and JIRA Software project management software.


Communication between systems allows you to send notification content, conversations, notifications, notes, e-mails as well as attachments and photos.


Thanks to integration, you can easily communicate with an internal client and third parties that use the JIRA Software solution.

The solution has a mechanism for closing SDP applications to JIRA with the solution transfer.


JIRA or ServiceDesk Plus? These types of questions are no longer justified. Thanks to the integration of both products, we have the freedom to choose the solution corresponding to the client’s business model.


In order to improve the quality of the offered product, we give our clients the opportunity to participate in the process of improving the solution by submitting their comments and wishes regarding new functionalities.


The development of the software is accompanied by continuous improvement of the solution’s quality and creation of completely new versions enriched with new functionalities.


Creating our applications we entrusted to the best of our specialists. The application was created on the .NET platform. As an internal base for Jira Connector SDP, the SQL Server engine was used, which ensures very high efficiency of functioning.


We provide full technical support during the 30-day trial period and also after purchase. Two perpetual and annual renewal licensing models are available. Both have one-year manufacturer support entitling them to download updates and new versions of the solution.


  • Exchange of reports and information between various support groups and project teams working in the JIRA Software system
  • Data exchange between organizations working on different reporting systems while maintaining consistency and continuity of exchanged data


  • Thanks to the two-way real-time synchronization, the systems always remain with the full history of the application while maintaining all notes, comments, messages and attachments


  • Full history stored in one place without complicated data merging from different application systems
  • The decision which notes, comments, entries in the reports is the responsibility of the service technician

Thanks to this solution some of the messages can be hidden only for internal use.


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The license includes installation on one computer workstation and concerns only one integration with the JIRA Software environment.

The license key provided to the Licensee determines the maximum number of applications to be integrated in the application.

SDP JIRA CONNECTOR is sold in three licensing models
  • SUBSCRIPTION – one-year license with one-year manufacturer’s support (renewable license)
  • PERPETUAL – unlimited license with one-year manufacturer’s support (it is possible to renew the support after its expiration)
  • RENEWING SUPPORT (AMS) – Renewing product support for next year (applies to perpetual license)


  • Intel Core Duo Processor
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 20 GB Free empty Space


  • Windows 2008 R2 and higher
  • Windows 7 and higher


  • .NET Freamwork version 4.5.2 and higher (+ all updates)
  • MSSQL 2012 and higher or PostgresQL 9.2
  • RabbitMQ 3.6.10
  • ServiceDesk Plus 9.3 compilation 9317 and higher
  • ServiceDesk MSP 9.3 compilation 9300 and higher
  • Jira Software 7.1.6 and higher
  • Notepad++